CB-Funk-Latein USA

In einer Bedienungsanleitung eines Amerikanischen Funkgerätes habe ich das Funker-Latein der Amerikaner gefunden.

Advertising Flashing lights of police car
Back off Slow down
Basement Channel 1
Base station A CB set in fixed location
Bear Policeman
Bear bite Speeding fine
Bear cage Police station
Big slab Motorway
Big 10-4 Absolutely
Bleeding Signal from an adjacent channel interfering with the transmission
Blocking the channel Pressing the PTT switch without talking
Blue boys Police
Break Used to ask permission to join a conversation
Breaker A CBer wishing to join a channel
Clean and green Clear of police
Cleaner channe Channel with less interference
Coming in loud and proud Good reception
Doughnut Tyre
Down and gone Turning CB off
Down one Go to a lower channel
Do you copy? Understand?
DX Long distance
Eighty eights Love and kisses
Eye ball CBers meeting together
Good buddy Fellow CBer
Hammer Accelerator
Handle CBer’s nickname
Harvey wall banger Dangerous driver
How am I hitting you? How are you receiving me?
Keying the mike Pressing the PTT switch without talking
Kojac with a kodak Police radar
Land line Telephone
Lunch box CB set
Man with a gun Police radar
Mayday SOS
Meat wagon Ambulance
Midnight shopper Thief
Modulation Conversation
Negative copy No reply
Over your shoulder Right behind you
Part your hair Behave yourself – police ahead
Pull your hammer back Slow down
Rat race Congested traffic
Rubberbander New CBer
Sail boat fuel Wind
Smokey dozing Parked police car
Smokey with a camera Police radar
Spaghetti bow Interchange
Stinger Antenna
Turkey Dumb CBer
Up one Go up one channe
Wall to wall All over/everywhere
What am I putting to you? Please give me an S-meter reading